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How 5G is Unlocking New Opportunities for Branch Businesses

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How 5G is Unlocking New Opportunities for Branch Businesses

After a difficult 18 months, connected technologies have never been so crucial to branch businesses and their customers who have found new ways to work, shop, and live their lives. As these businesses rebuild, many are looking for ways to improve their connectivity and communications using 4G and 5G wireless technology to support this.

The trailblazing potential of 5G

The convenience of wireless technology is unparalleled. From speed of deployment (no waiting for wire installation) to remote system management, 4G and 5G WAN systems are as vital for branch businesses, as they are for our everyday use:

  • Wireless WAN is enabling retail, banking and hospitality sectors to access new customers and work from remote locations with no gaps in connectivity.
  • 4G/5G connectivity can match and outperform fibre networks in many cases yet can be installed at a fraction of the cost, especially in high street locations.
  • Day one connectivity reduces lead times and allows new locations to open on time.
  • Completely flexible and scalable, anywhere, anytime networking for IoT assets such as lockers, concessionary store support, warehousing and more is easy to achieve without compromising network security.

The benefits of 4G and 5G technology in branch environments

5G provides not only a huge increase in speed but will support many different technologies to aid multiple types of communications. From powering remote work to enabling immersive brand experiences and enabling new AI technologies, it’s an opportunity that no business will want to miss.

Re-building is at the forefront of many retail and branch business minds and Cradlepoint solutions can help, whether it’s for the entire site or just critical PoS applications. Cradlepoint has helped 75% of the world’s top retail brands to unlock the power of 4G and 5G for their networks.

A Cradlepoint solution’s 4G/5G solutions from Cradlepoint have helped to connect thousands of locations and assets. Providing both primary and failover networking, branches and their assets can stay online and protected while enabling the latest technologies.

For example, Doddle, a revolutionary parcel service, required a networking solution that was quick to deploy, small on space and big on reliability. The solution: provided a compact Cradlepoint router and antenna, improving security, connectivity and productivity.

The switch to Cradlepoint enabled:

  • Savings of almost 50% in Doddle’s CapEx and technology OpEx.
  • Better connected and protected branch locations with no loss of revenue due to system outages.
  • Cloud management: remote IT system support and system maintenance.
  • Increased parcel storage space due to the compact size of the Cradlepoint device compared with the previous 1-metre high storage cabinet.
  • Ambitious roll-out plans with new stores up and running in hours.


“The cloud management capability is a big support to our team, allowing them to remotely provision hundreds of devices around the country, and isolate and address any issues without having to go into the field. If we have to validate and switch a connection from wired to mobile, it’s easily done.” – Gary O’Connor, CTO at Doddle.

Join our webinar and find out more about the channel opportunity for 4G/5G in branch

Attend our webinar with Cradlepoint to discover how 5G is unlocking new opportunities for branch businesses. Find out how you can help your customers unlock the power of LTE and 5G to create a secure, nonstop WAN edge that supports business continuity and connectivity:

  • Understand the full potential of 5G
  • See how your branch customers could benefit from utilising cellular
  • Learn about different branch use cases and opportunities
  • Experience cloud-managed wireless edge solutions that are quick to deploy and simple to manage from anywhere
  • Find out how partner support and services can enable your business and customers to realise ambitions

Join our webinar and find out more about the channel opportunity for 4G/5G in branch

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