Exploring Digi DAL and Remote Manager: Latest Updates

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In today’s digital landscape, the need for streamlined management and cutting-edge capabilities is more critical than ever. This is where Digi’s Remote Manager (DRM) and Accelerated Linux operating system (DAL OS) v24.3, two pillars of Digi’s solution ecosystem, are poised to redefine device management and fortify resilience.

Digi Remote Manager: Simplifying Management

DRM is a dynamic device management solution renowned for its industry-leading cloud and edge tools. With DRM, organisations can streamline asset management, monitor IoT devices, automate updates, and access data from previously unreachable edge devices.

With the latest update, DRM introduces an integration with Ookla Speedtest, allowing users to assess WAN connection performance directly from the platform. This integration equips organisations with the tools to optimise their network infrastructure for peak performance.

Furthermore, DRM now boasts enhanced licence management capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly oversee their premier licence subscriptions. With live count and expiration date visibility, organisations can seamlessly navigate licence renewals and device additions, ensuring adherence to compliance standards.

Moreover, DRM introduces refined auditing features, furnishing comprehensive records of firmware and configuration changes. These meticulous records prove invaluable for auditing and troubleshooting efforts, fostering transparency and accountability in device management processes.

DAL OS v24.3: Empowering Innovation

DAL OS serves as the backbone of Digi’s solutions, providing automation, security, and out-of-band management features tailored to diverse sectors including enterprise, industrial, transportation, government, and healthcare.

Security remains paramount with each DAL OS release, with updates addressing common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). The latest iteration includes urgent patches for components like the Linux kernel, Python, OpenVPN, and more, safeguarding the security of mission-critical devices against evolving threats.

Furthermore, DAL OS now boasts expanded VPN support with WireGuard integration. This state-of-the-art VPN solution, seamlessly integrated into Digi firmware, equips organisations with enhanced security and flexibility in their network infrastructure.

Resilience is further fortified with DAL OS v24.3, as automation capabilities in DRM are enhanced, facilitating dynamic task execution with multiple matching filters. Additionally, the introduction of GRETAP tunnelling enhances layer-2 network traffic over private cellular networks, enhancing resilience and reliability in challenging environments.

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The latest innovations in Digi Remote Manager and DAL OS v24.3 underscore Digi’s unwavering commitment to delivering robust, secure, and user-friendly solutions. By streamlining device management, enhancing security, and fortifying resilience, DRM and DAL OS empower organisations to unlock the full potential of their technology infrastructure, ensuring continued efficiency and reliability in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Find out more now by checking out these assets:

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