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Cradlepoint R2100: Pricing Available, Order Now

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Cradlepoint R2100 Launch!

Just announced, the all-new Cradlepoint R920 has been purpose-built for vehicle and IoT applications. In this article we dive into the new solution, taking a look at its features and use cases. Pricing is already available so place your pre-order with your account manager today.

Introducing the Cradlepoint R2100

Building on Cradlepoint’s highly popular in-vehicle and IoT networking solutions, and wider 5G Wireless WAN portfolio, the Cradlepoint R2100 provides a sleek exterior-mounted option ideal for a range of applications and industries.

By combining the router, antenna and modem into a single device, the R2100 eliminates antenna-to-modem signal degradation as well as reducing antenna cabling complexity. Simplifying installation requirements, it also reduces time, cost, and the overall deployment footprint.

Use cases

Securely extending enterprise networks to the field, the Cradlepoint R2100 is ideal for public transport, emergency services, fleets, and IoT applications with big bandwidth requirements.

For in-vehicle networking it can be deployed as a self-contained router which can connect everything in the vehicle – from supplying a mobile WiFi hotspot to connect other devices, to integrating with AVLS applications with GNSS/GPS.

It can also be used to supplement an existing router as a 5G adapter, or to provide additional WiFi, using Cradlepoint’s captive modem option. NetCloud Manager simply treats the R2100 as an internal modem eliminating the need for separate licenses.

For IoT, the R2100 is designed to support local containers or edge computing. NetCloud handles container creation as well as container and workload distribution and connectivity, making edge computing application deployment a simple and secure process.


Part of a NetCloud Mobile Performance Package or NetCloud IoT Package, the solution provides connectivity, network, security, location and IoT services to connect everything in the vehicle or IoT deployment. It also provides remote access for IT teams to monitor, manage and troubleshoot devices. Key features include:

  • 5G NR FR1 and CAT 20 LTE modem
  • Single aerodynamic, IP67 and IK09 casing that guards against weather, vibration and shock
  • 5.5ft CAT5e ethernet cable with RJ45 connector
  • Available with and without WiFi 6 (2×2 MU-MIMO)
  • Easy installation with a power cable or PoE, no coax cables

Find out more

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Cradlepoint R2100: Place your pre-order today. is the leading Cradlepoint distributor in the UK and EU. Pricing for the R2100 is now available so place your pre-orders today by contacting your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567, +31 (0) 35 799 2290 or

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