Cradlepoint Launches X10 5G Router, Ideal for Service Providers Seeking to Expand Fixed Wireless Access Market Reach

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CPX10_Small Business 5G Router

Just announced, Cradlepoint launches the secure enterprise-grade 5G router, enabling service providers to deliver enhanced quality of service plans for SMB, temporary sites, and remote workers. Read the Cradlepoint press release below.

Introducing the X10 5G Router

Boise, Idaho — Feb. 15, 2024 — Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless edge network solutions, today announced the release of the X10 5G router, designed to equip service providers with an all-in-one fixed wireless access (FWA) service for small and medium-sized businesses, temporary sites, and remote workers. The X10 5G router delivers enterprise-grade connectivity and ease-of-management through NetCloud Manager while enabling service providers to craft tiered security and Quality of Service (QoS)-based plans.

The X10 5G router is designed to provide fast and reliable 5G connectivity, enabling service providers to offer their business customers day-one connectivity using the cellular network or as a backup cellular connection, helping businesses connect quickly and securely to the Internet and avoid network downtime. This enables service providers to offer business internet solutions that are quickly deployed, reliable, resilient, and more secure than other best-effort solutions on the market today.

With 5G expected to account for almost 80 percent of FWA connections by 2028, businesses of all sizes will increasingly demand tailored solutions from service providers.  The enterprise-grade yet cost-efficient X10 5G router represents Cradlepoint’s commitment to the growing FWA Business Internet solutions market and will enable service providers to meet growing demand for these solutions. Opportunities for service providers include:

  • Attract FWA customers across various markets: The cost-efficiency and flexibility of the X10 Router appeals to small and medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries and use cases.
  • Upsell security, Quality of Service, and managed services: The Cradlepoint X10 router will be available with the NetCloud Exchange advanced service architecture, which enables providers to construct and offer tiered service plans and further differentiate their FWA Business Internet offerings.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and reduced operational costs: Cloud management through NetCloud enables service providers to more effectively and efficiently support their managed services at scale while robust APIs give them the flexibility to integrate X10 management into their existing management systems.

“Cradlepoint continues to innovate, enabling our service provider community to give their customers the best 5G experience,” said Tony Puopolo, Senior Vice President of Service Provider Sales, Cradlepoint. “With the enormous growth of 5G FWA, we’re giving service providers the tools that enable higher levels of network reliability, visibility, and overall quality of experience, which allows them to differentiate their business offerings.”, your Cradlepoint distributor is the leading Cradlepoint distributor in the UK and EU. Check back for more information or speak to your account manager now on +44 (0) 1291 437 567, +31 (0) 35 799 2290 or

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