Siklu EtherHaul 8010FX

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SKU: EH-8010FX

Operating within the millimeter wave E-Band spectrum (71GHz to 86GHz), the EH-8010FX delivers unparalleled throughput of up to 10Gbps full duplex. Leveraging this expansive spectrum, it combines large channels with low to medium complexity coding for optimised performance.

The EH-8010FX employs hitless/errorless adaptive bandwidth, coding, and modulation adjustments, mitigating weather-related fading and ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow. With dynamic rate adaptation, it can achieve a link budget gain of up to 29dB, maintaining maximum capacity under varying conditions.

Equipped with multiple standard interfaces—1, 2.5, 5, or 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds—the EtherHaul EH-8010FX offers versatile connectivity options. Some ports feature hard-wired 100/1000-BaseT/802.3ab, 100/1000/2.5/5/10G-BaseT/802.3ab/bz/an configurations, while others include an SFP+ MSA compliant cage for communication over multi-mode (MMF) or single-mode optical fiber (SMF). Each port can be flexibly configured to support various parameters, including auto negotiation, speeds, and duplex modes.

Ensure link continuity with the Siklu 5GHz failover option, utilizing the DL5 range of antennas. In the event of high-frequency link performance degradation, the system seamlessly switches to the 5GHz backup, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Key Features:

  • 10Gbps FDD Throughput
  • Seamless Deployment
  • Compact Footprint

Frequency / Duplexing 71-76GHz / 81-86GHz, FDD
Line Rate / Throughput Up to 10,000Mbps full duplex (with capacity license)
System Gain

64 / 93 dB (channel bandwidth = 2,000MHz, maximum capacity / minimum modulation)

75 / 97.5 dB (channel bandwidth = 500MHz, maximum capacity / minimum modulation)

Synchronisation 1588v2 TC (order based HW model)
Power Supply Dual input: PoE++ (4 pairs 802.3at type 2 PD) or 42÷57VDC; 50W; Hot standby