Siklu EtherHaul 710

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Siklu presents the palm-sized 710TX radio, redefining convenience in site acquisition with its compact design, perfect for installation on various street furniture or rooftops. This diminutive yet powerful solution incorporates a choice of street-level 0.5ft. or 1ft. and 2ft. rooftop antennas for extended range. Equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet switch offering PoE-in and dual PoE-out, it facilitates easy cascading of radios and powering of external devices such as video surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi access points.

Characterised by pencil-thin beams, E-band radios ensure interference-free, highly reliable connections. The EH-710TX boasts 32 non-overlapping channels that are user-selectable, rendering it the most scalable solution available for dense deployments.

Effortless Installation

The EH-710TX can be deployed by any installer without the need for telecoms expertise. Physical installation, including out-of-the-box 8 levels of QoS-aware Ethernet services, typically requires just 15 minutes. For those seeking advanced configuration options, an intuitive Web GUI is available, with additional services remotely activatable from a NOC. Integrated TCP and UDP load testers streamline commissioning and remote troubleshooting procedures, while advanced OAM offers continuity testing and service monitoring.

Product NameSiklu EtherHaul 710
Model NameSiklu EtherHaul 710
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