Siklu EtherHaul 600TX

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Gigabit Throughput on Every Street

The Siklu EtherHaul 600TX delivers up to 1Gbps in a form factor that is small enough and rugged enough to be deployed at street level on poles and light fixtures. The unlicensed 60GHz V-band spectrum avoids interference typically seen in unlicensed bands through a combination of means. With 7 to 9GHz allocated around the world and 14GHz in the US and the UK, there is ample spectrum for mass, dense deployments. The V-band is also characterized by pencil-thin beams, meaning a small amount of spatial separation is often enough isolation, allowing aggressive frequency reuse schemas of the 14 full-capacity non-overlapping channels.

The all-weather IP-67 sealed radio guarantees carrier–grade performance under even the harshest weather conditions. Designed to operate in temperatures from -45°C to +55°C this product has been deployed around the world from Siberia to Texas. Carrier class specifications are backed up by an MTBF measured in decades not years.

Easy Installation

Virtually any installer can deploy the EH-600/614 with very little training or experience. Physical installation from opening the box to passing traffic can be as little as 15 mins when using pre-configurations loaded into the radio. Once deployed advanced configuration is available via an intuitive web GUI, while additional services may be remotely activated from a NOC. An IPERF integrated TCP and UDP load tester, and a spectrum analyser streamline the commissioning and the troubleshooting.

  • Easy Installation & Management
  • Small Form Factor Backhaul
  • Upper 60GHz Frequency Availability

Frequency / Duplexing 57-66GHz, TDD
Line Rate / Throughput 1Gbps Aggregated throughput (with capacity licence)
System Gain 65/90 (channel bandwidth = 500MHz, maximum capacity / minimum modulation)
Synchronisation Synchronous Ethernet and 1588v2 (*FTL)
Power Supply PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at), 26W without PoE-Out; up to 78W with PoE-Out