MikroTik Audience Indoor Tri-Band Access Point

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SOHO Meshing Solution

Designed for deployment in homes and small business environments, MikroTiks Audience is a tri-band access point that offers a true meshing solution through its dedicated 5GHz radio. The remaining 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios are separated to allow you to connect your devices to the most suitable frequency.

Seamless Connectivity

The MikroTik Audience will seamlessly mesh with other Audience APs in your network. Simply press the button on the unit and the Audience will synchronise, providing you with uninterrupted WiFi coverage.

Quick to Setup and Deploy

Download the MikroTik App for iOS or Android and effortless set up your Audience AP from your phone.

802.11ac Wave2 WiFi

Following the BETA firmware release in June 2021, the MikroTik Audience can take advantage of numerous Wave2 features including WAP3 authentication and initial MU-MIMO implementation. 

Extras Meshing
Processor Architecture ARM 32bit
Processor Name IPQ-4019
Processor Cores 4
Memory 256
Memory Type RAM
Processor Speed 716
Storage 128
Storage Type NAND
10/100/1000 2
Antenna Type Omni
Band 5
Gain 3.5
Gain 2 4.5
Power Input
PoE Type Passive
PoE Min 24
PoE Max 57
DC Min 12
DC Max 57
Power Consumption 27
Operating Temperature Min -40
Operating Temperature Max 60
Standards 802.11ac