Digi One IAP

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The Digi One IAP range is no longer recommended for new design by Digi. The recommended replacement range is the Connect EZ.

With the Digi One IAP, users can IP enable a broad range of serial devices, as well as link two industrial devices. It is ideal for device management applications requiring specific industry protocol support.

Serial server functionality built into Digi One IAP allows any serial device to be connected to a TCP/IP network. Applications may communicate with the serial device using TCP/UDP or Digi’s patented RealPort® COM port redirector for remote native COM port access.

Digi One IAP supports a variety of serial and Ethernet protocols, allowing users to bridge serial and Ethernet devices, or both. Multi-master access allows multiple masters to communicate with a single slave across protocols. Digi One IAP converts ASCII data from serial devices to Ethernet protocols. An additional serial port can act as a pass-through port, allowing local devices to communicate with a slave unit without disrupting the serial-to-Ethernet connection.

Ports1x 10/100 Ethernet Base-T
Operating Temperature0° C to +60° C (Digi One IAP), -35° C to +74° C (Digi One IAP HAZ)
Power Requirement9 - 30v DC
Remote ManagementYes
Dimensions (mm)120 x x230 x 101
AC Power SupplyNo
DC Power SupplyYes