Digi ConnectPort LTS

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The Digi ConnectPort LTS range is no longer recommended for new design by Digi. The recommended replacement range is the Connect EZ.

The ConnectPort LTS terminal server family delivers secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective RS-232/422/485 serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. Targeted serial-to-IP applications include data center console port management, security, property management, point-of-sale, data acquisition, industrial automation, power utilities, logistics and others.

Features include Dual GB Ethernet for extreme reliability, an SD memory slot for data storage, and a large an LCD screen for easy configuration, monitoring and diagnostics. With the ConnectPort LTS W model, Digi offers the only wireless terminal server with an internal secure modem, USB 2.0 ports for expandability and an XBee® interface for ZigBee communication.

Highly advanced software features include an IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, user port sharing, port logging, SSHv2 and SSL. Python support and a Software Development Kit (SDK) make this versatile Linux-based appliance a good platform for programming.

Ports2x USB 2.0
Operating Temperature0°C to 55°C
Power Requirement9 - 30v DC
Remote ManagementNo
Dimensions (mm)189 x 271 x 44, 222 x 443 x 44.5 (LTS 16/LTS 32)
AC Power SupplyNo
DC Power SupplyYes